Chickenpox in Children: How Serious And How To Manage It

Chickenpox in Children: How Serious And How To Manage It
Chickenpox is a common type of virus that infects toddlers caused by varicella-zoster virus. It’s usually mild in little kids, but when adults or adolescence get it, they can get sick. Chickenpox can be severe for mothers who are pregnant. 
  • It starts with fever 1-2 days before the rash appears
  • Then it’s followed by the rash and it can be a little itchy and uncomfortable. 
  • The rash tun turns into water blisters 
  • Finally, those blisters dry out after approximately 5 days 
Chickenpox can spread in many ways.
Kids can get chickenpox by simply breathing particles that come out of the blisters, or by touching something with particles on it. 
It’s most contagious starting from 1 or 2 days before the rash appears until the blisters dry. 
It also affects those who never had it or the vaccine before.
Your doctor might prescribe some medication to treat pain and fever like acetaminophen and cream to soothe the itch. 
Avoid scratching the blisters and try to distract your kid so he will not too. 
If your child is too sick to participate in activities, let him stay at home. 
Vaccination: taking two shots of Varicella vaccine once at 12-15 month and another time at 4-6 years. 
Avoid getting in contact with the particles that come out of the blisters of someone infected. 
If you are a pregnant mother, call your doctor right away, for he’ll give you some type of injection to protect
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