Fun Places to Take Toddlers on Eid Al-Fitr

Fun Places to Take Toddlers on Eid Al-Fitr

Wondering how to have fun on a holiday with your little one? Here are some destinations you can head that are just perfect for a family with babies and toddlers, plus tips on how to plan for a stress-free outing.


Best Places to Go on A Holiday with Babies

Hit the Beach

Beaches are one of the best places to head to beat the heat, have a swim, collect the shells, fly kites and enjoy special meals that your toddler will love. When booking a reservation, make sure to select family-friendly hotels. There are plenty of hotels out there that offer services for families with children such as nurseries, water play areas…etc.


National Parks

National parks are the best places for children to visit, where you can lay down the love of nature in their hearts. This will give your little on the chance to run as fast as he can in an open area with no constraints. Your little one will have the chance to improve his motor skills by exploring and touching everything around. Select places that enable your toddler to explore the trees, mountains, rainforests, grass, pools …etc.



Whether it’s an adventurous waterpark or a dolphin bay, children at a very young age can have fun at the splashers children’s play area and do a lot of fun activities that will get them on top of the world.


Amusement Parks

Depending on your kid’s age, there are plenty of tot-friendly places to take your child. Amusement parks are the best places for kid’s who have lots of energy.


Indoor Trampoline Parks

One of the fun places for kids is indoor trampoline parks, where kids can bounce off the wall until they run out of energy. These places provide options for all ages so that both of the kids and the parents can have much fun. This place is the perfect choice for toddlers from 3-4 years.


Family Gatherings

A traditional way to spend the Eid, however, it’s an awesome chance to boost your baby’s social development and get together with your loved ones.

It’s also a good idea is to hang out or go on a trip with one of your kid’s favorite friends and their parents to combine between both of the physical and social development.


Tips For a Stress-Free Outing with your little ones

Pack Your Child’s Favorite Snacks

Finger foods such as French fries, mini-sandwiches, biscuits along with some healthy drinks such as milkshakes, juices, water and so on.


Pack Spare Clothes

As kids are going to have a lot of fun, you need to be less conscientious about keeping their clothes clean. Bring spare clothes so their dirty clothes won’t ruin the rest of the day.


Pack the Night Before

It’s good to be prepared the night before to be more relaxed on the day of the trip. Write a list of all the items that you’re going to need depending on the type of the trip.


Pack Light

Avoid overpacking. It can be overwhelming to carry tons of items, especially if you’re going to be active throughout the trip. Write down a short list of absolute necessities to use when it’s time to pack


Get Your Baby Prepared Before Going Out

Make sure to feed him, give him plenty of fluids, change diapers or go to the toilet right before you go out. If you’re not a first-time mom, you probably know how kids can be very demanding on road trips.


Above all, make sure that having fun and enjoying the trip is on top of your list... and Happy Eid!


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