What to do about Night terrors waking up your baby

Mar 7 2019

It is not uncommon for babies to have sleep problems or wake up repetitively at night. Even those who used to sleep well can have sleep disturbances at night.

Chickenpox in Children: How Serious And How To Manage It

Feb 28 2019

Chickenpox is a common type of virus that infects toddlers caused by varicella-zoster virus.

Should I Worry About My Child’s Delayed Speech?

Feb 14 2019

Your little child is full of energy, playing around and causing mess everywhere, buts still not talking. Should you really worry about it? Let’s have a look at some facts and when you can call it a delayed speech.

Managing Yeast Infection Diaper Rash

Feb 3 2019

Most diaper rashes take place due to the prolonged contact with urine and stool and humidity which leads to dermatitis. They occur due to the impairment in the skin itself rather than a bacterial or fungal infection. However, skin infections can cause diaper rashes.

Indoor Montessori Activities for Toddlers in The Windy Days

Jan 15 2019

Whether you’re a housewife the spends most of her days with her little ones or you’re a working mother that would like to stay off work in the windy days to spend some time with her kids, these Montessori activities will make your child adore you.

Dealing with Your toddlers’ cough

Jan 8 2018

Coughing in toddlers can be frustrating and even painful. Here are some ways you can handle your little one’s cough and help him have a better sleep.

Oral Thrush in Toddlers: Causes and How to Manage It

Jan 1 2019

Oral thrush in a toddler can get your worried about your kid, however, if you understand how it happens and how to handle it, it will feel like nothing to worry about. Here is all you need to know about an oral thrush in toddlers.

Hygiene Basics for Toddlers to Steer Clear Of Cold And Flu

Dec 17 2018

Infection prevalence rates increase in the winter due to children meeting at schools, poor ventilation, and other various reasons. Teaching good hygiene practice protects your little ones and keep cold and flu at bay. Here are some instructions to teach your toddlers.

Child Proof Your House and Keep Your Baby Safe

Dec 4 2018

When your baby is mobile and can do stuff on his own, keeping him safe becomes a burden. The following tips should keep your little one away from harm from the first day of his life through his toddler years.

How to Change Diapers for Babies

Nov 21 2018

Changing diapers can be a little tiring if you’re a first-time mom. But, it shouldn't be a problem after following these steps.

Baby Nutrition Guide After 6 Month

Nov 3 2018

Now your little one has turned 6 months old. Time to move to the next level. You might be thinking about what you should feed him at this stage, and what the best options could be. Here is a guide to what you should offer to your little one.

Protecting Your Baby’s Skin in the Winter

Nov 5 2018

The fluctuation of the atmosphere due to the entry and the exit from the house in the cold weather makes skin dryness more common among babies. To reduce dryness in the winter, do the following.

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