A Simple Guide To Choosing The Right Diaper For Your Baby

A Simple Guide To Choosing The Right Diaper For Your Baby

If you’re a first-time mom, you’ll get surprised at how many diapers your baby will need on each day.

Choosing the right diaper for your baby will save much time and will offer more comfort to your baby.


Cloth Or Disposable Diapers?

The majority of parents use disposable diapers; however, there are still some parents that are convinced that cloth diapers are more health and environment-friendly. In fact, each one of them has its negative impact on the environment. For instance, disposable diapers require more raw materials to manufacture and take a long time to degrade. On the other hand, cloth diapers consume more electricity and water to clean them.

Until now, the answer is still not well-defined. Neither the American Academy of Pediatrics nor the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) favors one over the other.


How To Choose The Right Disposable Diaper

In case you use the disposable ones, you’ll need to put some points into consideration:

Choose the ones that are not so colorful, as a study published in 2005 shows that some babies develop allergic reactions to dyes in colorful diapers. These rashes are easy to confuse to the diaper rash.

In case your little one develops rashes a lot, try switching to dye-free diapers.

Choosing the right size. Each pack has the sizes written according to the weight of your baby. Your baby’s weight may fall into two sizes. For instance, the weight falls in both size 3 and 4. In this case, choose the one that fits around his leg without being so tight. If he’s having a lot of leaks, you’ll need to check the sizes and try a different one.


How To Prevent Diaper Rash

Diaper rash occurs due to staying wet or in contact with the urine and poop for a long time. The frequency of the rash usually increases when the baby switches to solid foods.

Keep the diaper rash cream handy. In case you notice any rash you can nip it in the bud.

Change the diaper more frequently or as soon as the baby gets dirty.

Use soap-free gentle body wash for babies. Some are designed to be suitable for eczema and psoriasis.

If possible, let him dry and leave him with diaper off for a while.


And here you go, the most basics you need to choose the right diaper for your baby.

Do you have any more ideas that keep diaper rash at bay?

In case you have any questions regarding your babies health, don’t hesitate to ask any of our Saghiri Doctors.




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