When To Give My Baby The First Bath, And What If He Hates It?

When To Give My Baby The First Bath, And What If He Hates It?

Baby showers may not be easy, but someone has to do it. Here is a guide to getting your little one to bathe and what to do if he doesn't like it.


When Should I Give My Baby His First Bath?

In the first couple of weeks, it’s better to wait until the umbilical cord falls off. It usually happens around 10-14 days after birth. 

When giving your baby a bath, it’s ok to use only water, otherwise, use a soap-free gentle wash.


How Often To Shower A Baby?

Since babies don’t sweat or get dirty as often as adults do, they don't need more than 2-3 showers a week. Read How Often Should I Bathe My Baby

Regular baths are less of a necessity for babies, especially if they hate baths.

If your baby likes showers, then, you might include a bath as a part of the bedtime routine.


How To Help My Baby To Like Baths?

If your little one hates baths, this is quite normal. Though, there is a lot you can do to make him like baths. Read FAQs about giving your baby a bath.

Find the reason. Whether your baby is afraid of being immersed in water, he gets scared of loudness of running water, feels annoyed when washing his head, or gets cold, try to figure out the reason that makes him hate the shower and adjust it for him.

Bath when fed and relaxed. Making sure that your baby is neither hungry nor tired will make it much easier to give him a shower.

Try a padded bathtub. Some babies just don’t like bathtubs. A padded bathtub can make him feel cozy and warm while the water is running.

Try other options. For instance, putting him on a towel, cleaning his body using a washcloth with baby body wash, then, wiping with another wet one will do the job.

Check the water and the air temperature. If your baby still doesn't like baths, put him a warm room and adjust the water temperature.

Bathe together. Babies feel comfortable when physically in touch with their mothers. When you bathe with your baby you’ll feel the temperature of the water and adjust it for both of you.


How do you like to give your baby a bath?


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