Should I Worry About My Child’s Delayed Speech?

Should I Worry About My Child’s Delayed Speech?
Your little child is full of energy, playing around and causing mess everywhere, buts still not talking. Should you really worry about it? Let’s have a look at some facts and when you can call it a delayed speech.
At 9-12 month 
By that age, the baby should be able to produce some sounds, babble, use different tones and pronounce some words without knowing their meanings or relate them to something.
12 – 15 months
By now, your little one should be able to produce some sounds like (d, m, n, p), listen to some instructions like “give me this cup, toy…etc”, they begin to copy the words they hear, pronounce the easiest words like the ones that start with M or B.     
18 – 24 months 
His word count is in a continuous increase and by the time he turns 24, he will have known around 50 words. He should be to identify people’s names, and common objects, and body parts. 
24-36 months 
Your child should be able to say simple 2-3 words sentences like “want more” “want cookies”. His words count will have dramatically increased. 
Problems that cause speech delays
  • Hearing problems: the most common reason related to delayed speech
  • Oral-motor problems: which makes it challenging to coordinate the tongue, lips, and jaw to talk. 
  • Oral impairments: problems that limit the tongue’s movement like problems in the tongue or palate. 
When should I start worrying or contact a doctor?
  • Anything that differs the milestones that are just mentioned above and makes you worried we suggest that you contact your doctor. 
  • He’s 9 months and still not babbling
  • 18 months old and still not using sounds, trying to imitate words or just uses gestures. 
  • He’s two years old yet doesn’t make sentences or say words, follow simple instructions or its difficult to understand anything that he says.
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