Acne in babies?

Acne in babies?
Did you notice that your baby has developed acne on his cheeks? Do not worry, it is a common condition that affects baby which is called baby acne. The good news is that it does not cause them any discomfort and that it disappears on its own without leaving any trace.  It is a transient condition that disappears on its own without leaving a trace.  Let’s learn more about Baby Acne!
It is red or white bumps, and it can appear anywhere on the face but it is more common on the cheeks, nose, and forehead.  
When do they appear and why?
They usually appear in the first 2-4 months after birth, and they usually disappear on their own.  It is unknown why they develop but it is suggested that it is due to exposure of the baby to the mother’s hormones while he is still a fetus.  
How should I treat them?
You actually do not need to treat it, as it disappears on its own within several months.  However, if it persists for longer time, consult your doctor.  Remember, do not use any medicated cream on your own without doctor’s prescription.
How to care for your baby?
After your baby developed acne, you have to care for his face daily.  Follow these steps:
1. Wash your baby’s face daily with water and mild soap.
2. Dry your baby’s face by patting gently on his skin.
3. Don’t try to remove the acne or puncture it to avoid skin irritation.


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