Tips for Caring for Baby Skin

Tips for Caring for Baby Skin
As babies’ skin is very sensitive, it’s prone to skin conditions and rashes. Babies’ skin needs special care to avoid common baby skin problems. Learn how to care for baby skin for soft and healthy flawless baby skin.
Your baby needs to have a warm - not hot- shower 3 times a week. All that you need to do is to fill the bathtub with 2-3 inches warm water. To avoid the baby from getting cold pour some water on him regularly during the shower.
Use a gentle soft loofa on your baby’s skin. Dip the loofa in water and soap then gently rub the baby’s head and hair with shampoo.
To get your baby to dry use a hooded towel. When dry be sure to moisturize your baby’s skin with Baby oil or lotion to avoid dry skin. 
Picking Proper Clothes 
Get him to wear clothes that are fitting for the weather. In summer he’ll need loose clothes and a cap. In winter he’ll need to put on several layers that are practical to take off during a diaper change or when it gets hotter. 
Avoid using detergents with fragrance to wash clothes to avoid irritating skin.
Diaper Change
Get the diaper changing process to be more fun by following these instructions every time:
  • Change the diaper more frequently to avoid diaper rash.
  • Use a barrier Cream with each change.
  • Put on diapers on dry skin 
Pick Suitable Products
Keep your eyes peeled for the products you use on your baby to protect his soft and delicate skin from rashes and common skin conditions. Watch if there are any reactions on his skin after using any products.
It’s best to use products that are specially designed for babies. Keep your little one’s skin moisturized, especially after showers and on hot dry days.
Watch Out for Weather
A baby can be exposed to sunlight after 6 months. As babies’ skin is not fully developed they may develop a heat rash. To avoid this, get your baby to wear loose clothes and cover his head.
Cold weather causes dryness. Your baby will need to drink more water to be well hydrated. Don’t forget to keep his skin moisturized with baby lotion, oil or moisturizer 
Baby Skin Conditions
There are many common skin conditions that affect babies. Most of them are not serious; however, if you notice any of them consult your doctor to make sure your little one is fine and prescribe a safe effective medication.
As Babies’ skin is sensitive, it needs special care. Take care of your baby’s skin and picture every moment with him.

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