How to Massage your Baby

How to Massage your Baby
Massaging baby skin is a well-known habit in different countries. It helps strengthen the bond between the mother & her baby.
In this article we will show you how to massage your baby with easy steps.
- First, warm the room & put your baby on a flat surface (changing table) covered with a soft light blanket.
- Put small amount of lotion in your hands.
- Start with your baby’s head, massage smoothly in a circular motion then go down to massage his face, nose, mouth & ears.
- Talk to your baby while massaging.
- Put more lotion in your hands & start massaging his shoulders, arms, & belly.
- Put special care while massaging his hands.
- Get use of the moment & keep eye contact with your little one as this makes him feel safe & happy.
- Put small amount of lotion on each of his legs & feet then massage them softly.
- Follow your baby cues; if you notice that he’s annoyed during the massage then you have to stop. But if you feel that he is enjoying the process, you can then put him on his tummy & massage his neck & back.
This way of communication helps parents & babies get deep sleep at night & enhance the emotional bond between them.

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