Baby Acne; What It Is, and How To Deal with It

Baby Acne; What It Is, and How To Deal with It
Have you noticed pimples on your little one’s face soon after birth? You are not alone. Baby acne is very common among newborns.
What is baby acne?
These are pimples that appear on newborn’s face. It can pop up on any part of the face; however, it usually appears on cheeks, nose, and forehead. In rare cases, baby acne can exist on other parts of the body like arms. 
Baby acne looks exactly like adults’ acne. It's white pimples surrounded by reddish skin. It doesn’t cause pain but needs special care.
Baby acne usually appears after two weeks. It can appear right after birth. 
Cause of Baby Acne
Acne appears on babies’ skin because of hormones transferred from the mother still circulating in his blood. These hormones stimulate glands to produce oils that cause the pimples to rise. 
Babies’ skin is very sensitive. Pores on a baby’s skin are not fully developed. This makes him more prone to dirt and surrounding environmental factors that affect the skin and cause the acne.
Dealing With Acne on Baby Face
There are not many solutions to baby acne, however, there is a lot to do to care for a baby's skin:
Avoid pressing or squeezing.
  • Clean skin with warm water twice or three times a day.
  • Use suitable wash and bar for babies instead of soap.
  • Gently pat the skin dry.
  • Avoid using adults acne treatments.
  • Consult your doctor to prescribe safe treatments for baby acne.
How Long Does it TAke For Baby Acne to Fade?
Baby acne continues for several weeks to several months. Unlike Adults acne, it doesn’t leave any scars. It doesn’t indicate a possibility of developing adults acne later in life.
Do Babies Need Special Products When Having Acne?
Baby skin is very sensitive. It needs special care. Use cleansings and moisturizers that are designed for sensitive baby skin.

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